The biggest board game party in VR!

Hang out and play board games in a whole new way! Filled with a growing list of easy to pick up 2-4 player games and delightful interactions, there is something for everyone to discover.

• Play games from our library—no set up, clean up, or explaining rules!
• Talk, eat pizza, toss cards, roll dice, and move your pawn to victory!
• Easy to host up to 3 of your friends, never will you have to play alone again!

A growing library of tabletop fun!


How can we help you play?

How many people can play?

A total of 4 players can play together, or as little as 2. That means you plus 1-3 of your friends.

Do I need friends to play Neverboard?

If you don't have friends, you can play in practice mode! Just start practice mode from your friends menu and the houseplants will pop in to play with you. They're not super talkative, but they do like to win! Once they have joined you, start any game from the games menu, even one you don't own yet.

What if I can't find my friends in Neverboard?

Make sure you are friends on the Oculus platform first and that your friend has Neverboard downloaded!
1. Press the Oculus button on the right controller to bring up the Oculus toolbar.
2. Tap "Add Friend".
3. Search by name or username to find and add them.
4. Once you are Oculus friends, make sure your friend downloads the Neverboard app from the Oculus store.

Who can I join/join me in Neverboard?

Anyone who is your friend on the Oculus platform and also has Neverboard downloaded in their library. If your friends join you, you are the host and you will get a special crown badge for that session. You will be able to start any game you own for your friends to play with you. If you join your friend, you will be able to play whatever games they own.

Can my friends join a game that is already in progress?

Your friends can join you in your room, but they'll have to wait until you finish your game and start a new one if they want to play too.

How do I invite friends to play?

As the host, you can invite any of your Oculus friends who also have Neverboard downloaded.
1. Go to the room management menu and select which color chair you would like to invite your friend to.
2. A new menu will pop up with a list of your friends who also own Neverboard. Press "invite" on the friend you would like to join you and close the menu.
3. Invite another friend while you are waiting!

How do I access the menu?

The menu will pop up in front of you when you appear in the room. To minimize it, press the blue button that looks like the menu button on your left controller in the upper right corner. To bring it back up, press the blue button that looks similar in front of your seat. Alternately, you can tap the menu button on your left controller to open and close the menu.

Which platforms are supported?

Currently, you can play Neverboard on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.

How do I buy a game in Neverboard?

Any game in Neverboard that shows "Play" in the games menu, you already own. To buy a game simply press the button that shows the price and the Oculus menu will come up to make your purchase. Once you own a game, you can host games for your friends even if they don't own that game. You can also purchase games as add-ons from the Oculus store. Keep an eye out for bundles to stock up!

How do I play games in Neverboard?

Go to the Games tab in the menu and use the left and right arrows to scroll through the games that are available to play or purchase. You will need at least one friend in the room to play a game or you can play in practice mode with houseplants.

How do I get pizzas, drinks, footballs...

Go to the concessions tab in the menu and you will find a rotating daily selection of fun items to share with your friends. Concessions cost coins which can be purchased from the coins menu.

How do I get coins?

Every day you can collect 100 FREE coins from the coins menu. Just press the + button next to your coin count and look for the FREE coins in the menu. You can also purchase additional bundles of coins in the coins menu.

I paid for coins and didn't get them, what do I do?
When will my favorite/new games be released?

We have a bunch of games on the roadmap including games you will recognize from the board game aisle of your favorite store. Join the Player's Club on Discord to get updates first on what's next!

Can I change the volume in the room?

You can change the overall volume of the game from your headset volume control and you can also adjust the environment or SFX specifically in the room management menu.

My position in the room feels wrong, I'm too high/low/forward/backward...

Neverboard is designed to be a seated experience. If you find your position uncomfortable, the best way to adjust is to press and hold the Oculus button on the right controller to recenter yourself.

I have a published tabletop game that I think belongs in Neverboard...

If you are a gamemaker with a published game, that plays 2-4 players, and is something you think Neverboard players would enjoys, reach out to us

I have a different question/problem that isn't listed...

The best way to get help is to join the Players Club on Discord but you can also email us at


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