Neverboard is a social space for hanging out and playing your favorite board games in a whole new way! Filled with easy to pick up 2-4 player games and delightful interactions, there is something for everyone to discover. Friends can join from anywhere, you can eat virtual pizza, and you can even flip the table. Through the magic of VR never will you have to explain the rules, shuffle cards, or clean up, and most importantly—never will you have to play alone again.

• Hangout and chat in VR with your friends as if they are in the same room with you.
• Play any board game in the library for a small bit of virtual currency, much like an arcade.
• Use your Quest controllers like hands to roll dice, move your pawn, eat pizza, celebrate your victory, or throw a drink in your opponent’s face.
• Win collectable trophies from beating your friends. Never let them forget your victory.